FFF- Friends For Felicity

For People with Special Needs


The Project offers programs for youth with special needs and in situations of social vulnerability, and aims to contribute to the quality of life, prevent social isolation, promote coexistence and solidarity.


The activities include playful experiences as a way of expression, learning, sociability aiming the development of the talents and potentials of each individual.

The activities are organized and directed by the Social Worker, Guita Rabinovici, with the collaboration of Mara Herbst Kahan, a art therapist, who are accompanied by a coordinator Dra. Cibele Pereira Soares of the Secretariat of Social Development of São Lourenço da Serra.


The project covers the months from February to December, at the Felicity Ranch.

Some of the highlights of the camp are:

This is a source of renewal that provides hope, stamina and joy and leaves remarkable memories.